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Violet Flame










I AM the Violet  Flame

Do you feel that you are going round in circles?

Do you feel that you are repeating the same negative patterns?

If you have answered YES to the above questions then this healing attunement is for you, and by becoming attuned to the Violet Flame, you are making a conscious step to working with your true self.


The Violet Flame is a powerful Spiritual Energy and sacred fire that transforms and purifies negative karma or blockages.  It has the ability to change negative energy into positive energy, transforms negative thoughts and feelings and provides a platform for our healing. The Violet Flame energy resides on the Seventh Ray and St Germain is the Guardian and is also known/called the “Flame of Mercy”, “Flame of Freedom” and the “Flame of Forgiveness”. Once you are attuned to the Violet Flame energy, you are able to invoke this at any time, applying it for the healing for our consciousness, being and world. I AM the Violet Flame is a powerful mantra.  It is short and by repeating it many times with focused intent, invokes this energy.


The energy exchange for this is £55, which includes:

  • A full Angelic Reiki Healing (including psychic surgery/chakra clearing)

  • Guided Violet Flame Meditation

  • Violet Flame Attunement

  • Angel Reiki infused Amethyst crystal which has also been attuned to the Violet Flame Energy

  • Angel Reiki Infused Violet Flame healing bath salts

  • Mini Angel Card Healing Reading

  • Certificate of the Violet Flame Attunement

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