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      Angel Reiki 2nd Degree Training 

Your journey with Angel Reiki has well and truly begun – it is now eternally part of you as you use this wonderful healing energy on a day to day basis on yourself and family and friends.  With Angel Reiki 1st Degree Training  you were introduced to the powerful Chakra Angels, St Germain’s Violet Flame, the Chakra Crystals, and the Gateway of Light and given an overview of the Chakra System.


As you proceed to Angel Reiki 2nd Degree, this day will bring a deeper understanding and will focus on the ability to share the Angelic presences with other as an ANGEL REIKI PRACTITIONER.


This course gifts you with:


- A guided meditation to meet your own Guardian Angel

- Introduction to the Angel Reiki Symbols

- Introduction to Distance Healing using the Angel Reiki symbols

- Individual Angel Reiki Guided Meditation and 2nd Degree Attunement

- Guidance on how to use Angel Oracle Cards for healing

- Guidance on how to use crystal pendulum for healing

- Hand on healing practical session using Angel cards, crystals and Reiki symbols

- Comprehensive Angel Reiki 2nd Degree Manual

- Certificate of achievement for Angel Reiki 2nd Degree

- Free ongoing support for all students


This course will take place in the Angel Room – a safe, sacred space that will hold all the beautiful healing energies and vibrations as you learn.  The investment price for this is £222 and refreshments are provided throughout the day. A deposit of £44 is required upon booking.


Are you ready to continue your journey as a Lightworker, Healer and Earth Angel?  You WILL know when you are ready to take this next step and when you are, your Spiritual Team will be with you as you claim your wings and take flight.




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